The 5 Sales Tips You Need to Crush Your Goals


The 5 Sales Tips You Need to Crush Your Goals

How do you crush your sales goals next year? Niraj Kapur offers five sales tips:

1) stop trying to sell and start researching

2) send thank-you cards

3) learn from books and successful people every day

4) ask great questions, especially forward-thinking ones

5) develop your emotional intelligence.

Kickstart your 2019 sales efforts with these five sales tips from Niraj Kapur. These may be more of refreshers, but they’re good reminders to revisit as you begin to pick away at next year’s sales quota or you’re before bookings target.

On the ninth episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, I am joined by Niraj, the author of the bestseller Everybody Works in Sales and owner of a coaching business with the same name. During the podcast, he shared some of his expert insights from his 20 plus years in sales.

Don’t keep these tips to yourself, share…

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