Want Your Employees to Like Their Jobs More? This 1 Technique Could Help


Want Your Employees to Like Their Jobs More This 1 Technique Could Help
This Yale Professor offers a simple technique to make employees feel more satisfied.
By J.T. O’Donnell

We live in a time when unemployment is low, yet job dissatisfaction is high. Which means many of your employees could be actively looking for something better. What can an employer do to make existing employees feel more engaged and satisfied with their jobs, so they don’t leave? According to Yale professor of organizational behavior Amy Wrzensniewski, the answer is job crafting.

Let employees write their own job descriptions.
Wrzensniewski’s study of workers showed incredible results when employees were given the opportunity to redefine their jobs into something they felt was more meaningful. By giving them power over the definition and purpose of their work, it shifted their outlook and perception of their jobs by, in the words of the study:

“…changing cognitive, task, and/or relational boundaries to shape interactions and relationships with others…

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