How to Make Buying Way Easier for Your Prospects


How to Make Buying Way Easier for Your Prospects 2

Written by Brent Adamson

According to recent CEB, now Gartner, research, most sales professionals struggle to sell to the modern buyer. They’re eager to help — to a fault.

Star performers, meanwhile, sell prescriptively. The difference is huge.

In an effort to stand out and meet customers’ rising needs, responsive sellers provide customers more information and additional options to consider and compare, preferably as quickly as possible.

Prescriptive sellers, on the other hand, provide customers with less information and fewer options. Their primary strategy isn’t “give the customer what they want,” but “simplify the customer’s buying burden” — by carefully guiding customers along a complex purchase journey they would struggle to navigate on their own.

Prescriptive sellers’ message to customers isn’t, “Tell me what you need and I’ll deliver it to you.” It is, “Let me take you by the hand and show you what you need to…

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