5 Time-Saving Tips for Salespeople



Emma Snider
As far as I know, time is still a limited resource. This means professionals need to optimize their workdays to achieve their goals and objectives.Salespeople, in particular, should take heed of this advice. Spending an extra hour or two on a deal or slacking off for an afternoon could spell the difference between breezing past quota or missing it by a mile. For salespeople, the maxim “time is money” is especially relevant.How can you make the most of your minutes? Work the following practices into your day-to-day to avoid wasting time and speed up your process.

1) Use customizable templates.

Note the word “customizable.” You shouldn’t send out the exact same email to every single prospect you want to engage. That’s called spamming, and it’s unacceptable in sales.

However, it’s smart to store a few templates in your email or CRM system for time’s sake. Instead of reinventing the wheel…

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