Best Sales Books: 30 Elite Picks to Step Up Your Sales Game {2018 Update}


best sales books 30 elite picks to step up your sales game {2018 update}

Ralph Barsi

Editors Note: These 30 Best Sales Books are not endorsed or sponsored in any way – this is an expert-curated list that will enable sales reps at any experience level to crush their revenue goals!

Before you barrel through the following list of books, take a deep breath.

Most of us will scroll right to the list, hastily scanning the titles with an

“Oh, I know that one…that one, too…hmm, never heard of it…that one’s good.”

Check it out though – before you get too skeptical, we’ve got it covered. Our list of best sales books doesn’t just target one niche, so be prepared for a diverse set of top picks on how to build a sales process, sales strategy, sales management, sales acceleration, leadership, inspiration and more!

Slow Your Roll

We’re all used to tweets and texts, and flying through content. Books, however, require focus and…

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