Print Circulation 2019

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Newspaper ads continue to be at the heart of local market media plans. SRDS Print Media Circulation® helps you find the best markets for newspaper advertising and which newspapers reach those markets best.

You can quickly view and analyze circulation data alongside your current session and discover which newspapers have the best reach in your target markets.

Reliable Intelligence for Newspaper Ad Planning

This resource includes everything you need for a complete analysis of print circulation for every county, metropolitan area and television viewing area (DMA) as made up of daily newspapers (paid and free), newspaper magazines, and major national magazines. Considering a specific newspaper? You can view comprehensive circulation analysis for each newspaper, as audited by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM).

Metropolitan Area Print Analysis

  • Metropolitan area market rankings
  • Metropolitan areas within TV Markets (DMAs)
  • Metropolitan statistical area print analysis

State Section

  • State newspaper circulation summary

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