Why Introverts Are Actually a Lot Better at Sales


The stereotype of a successful salesperson is an extrovert who sells anything to anybody. He (or, less commonly, she) charms customers so thoroughly that they sign on the dotted line before they know what hit them.

Customers, however, don’t find extroverted salespeople charming. On the contrary, most customers tune out the moment a seller looks or sounds like the stereotype.

The dislike and distrust of salespeople is nothing new; the fast-talking, back-slapping salesman was a stock villain for nearly 100 years. (See: Gantry, Elmer.)

Customers hate being cajoled or manipulated into buying something they don’t want. As the old saying goes, “Everybody likes to buy, but nobody likes to be sold to.”

The near-universal dislike of stereotypical salespeople stems directly from the traditional definition of selling:

Intruding (to get your foot in the door)
Pitching (to persuade the customer to buy)
Persisting (to push until you make the sale)
Effective selling is…

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