4 Ways to Structure a Great Promise in an Irresistible Presentation


4 Ways to Structure a Great Promise in an Irresistible Presentation

Creating an offer that your audience can’t resist is easy if you use one of these four techniques.

The Irresistible Offer — the one those in your audience would crawl across broken glass on naked knees to get — is the heart and soul of a great presentation. Creating and delivering anything less is a squandering of some of the opportunity you obtained by being able to make a presentation.

One way to think about your Irresistible Offer is as the means of fulfilling a magnificent, desired promise. Great presentations make great promises.

4 Ways to structure a great promise

There are different kinds of promises and structures for promises. Most people put them into presentations, but they put in weak and poorly designed ones. Here are the four ways to structure a great promise.

#1: Big stated promises versus small, implied promises

Examples of ordinary, small promises…

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