How the Best Reps Work Smarter, Not Harder


How the Best Reps Work Smarter, Not Harder

Written by Lee Bartlett


Hard work, like success, is subjective, and if you ask a salesperson if they work hard, 99% of them will tell you they work harder than anyone they know.

In my experience, though, the average salesperson works as if they are in a normal job, not one that rewards with performance-related pay.

They swan in, make a few phone calls to hit their quotas, hide behind some admin because they “don’t feel like it today,” look for some positive affirmation from colleagues by discussing problem clients and reasons they didn’t make a sale, remind everyone of their most successful deals or why someone got lucky with a big deal, book some meetings internally or externally, do some internet shopping and then go home at 5:30 p.m. sharp. Within their psyche is an element of hope that things will be OK and the phone will ring…

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