The Anatomy of a Perfect Sales Email Subject Line


The Anatomy of a Perfect Sales Email Subject Line

Your best and worst-performing email subject lines may seem like a random collection. But we’ve got good news for reps looking to increase their open and response rates: Successful subject lines actually share several common characteristics.

Once you know the science of a compelling line, you can focus on the art.

Perfect the seven essential components below and you’ll have a high-performing sales email subject line on your hands.

1) Creative

The human brain craves novelty, so creative subject lines tend to perform better than vanilla ones.

A fresh or unexpected subject line also suggests that this message is different than the other sales emails prospects receive — and delete without reading.

With that in mind, reps should use creative sales email subject lines they find online as inspiration rather than copy-and-paste solutions.

Powerful subject lines usually spread quickly throughout the sales community — by tweaking them, reps can guarantee they won’t…

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