7 Easy Ways to Super Boost Your Newsletter Open Rate


7 Easy Ways to Super Boost Your Newsletter Open Rate

You probably realize your newsletter ain’t the beans. You can’t sprout the open rate overnight. However, if you lay the groundwork with targeted and well-researched strategies, your newsletter will grow uncannily fast just like bamboo shoots.

Let me ask – how do you measure the success of your newsletter? There are two easy ways:

  1. See how many people open it (and therefore, hopefully, read it).
  2. See how many people click the links within.

Of course, the second way depends on the first. Before you even begin to strategize about increasing your open rates, you need to know what your current open rate is. To calculate it, follow this formula:

Email open rate = # of people who open the email / # of emails sent that didn’t bounce

You also need to know the industry standard for your vertical or sector to see how well you are doing and…

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