How to Become an Indispensable Employee


You want to exceed expectations. But it might not be immediately clear what you need to do to excel. Whether you’re just entering a new position or angling for a promotion, you can secure your position within a company if you’re proactive. Here’s how to earn recognition and become an indispensable employee.

6 Tips for Becoming a Key Contributor at Work

1. Embrace new challenges.

It’s common for employees to gripe about their work. But positive workplaces are up to 30% more productive than neutral or negative environments. When you’re faced with new challenges, adopt a solution-focused approach. Try to moderate your initial reaction and choose to respond with optimism—others will pick up on your emotional cues and feel more motivated.

In 2018, researchers at Stanford tested a hypothesis about the connection between a person’s attitude and their brain function. They asked a group of students to solve math problems while…

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