Hold on to Your New Hires


Hold on to Your New Hires

By: Barbara Mitchell

Q: I saw a statistic recently that said a third of new hires quit their job in the first 90 days. I will be hiring a few new people soon, and I know the time and money that goes into hiring and onboarding a new employee. What can I do to hold on to my new team members?

A: This is a serious issue for management. In addition to the cost of hiring, onboarding, and getting employees up to speed, losing new hires takes a huge toll on your current workforce. They invested time and energy into working with their new team member, only to have to start over after the person quits.

Research shows that people quit a job early in their tenure for a few common reasons:

  • The job wasn’t what they thought it would be.
  • They didn’t see eye to eye with their manager.

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