20 Better Alternatives to “Hope You’re Well”


20 Better Alternatives to Hope You're Well

Written by Aja Frost

At least one-third of the sales emails I getstart with a variation on: “I hope you’re doing well.”

The line is so ubiquitous it’s become meaningless. Both the recipient and the email writer know it’s a nicety thrown in before the real point of the email.

With buyers’ attention spans at an all-time low, reps can’t afford to waste a single line. If you’re an abuser of “I hope you’re doing well,” try these different — and better — ways to say it.

20 “Hope You’re Well” Alternatives

1) “I hope you’re having an A+ [week, month].”

Although this sentiment is basically the same as “I hope you’re well,” it’s unexpected — which makes it feel more authentic.

2) “I hope you’re having a two-coffee (versus a four-coffee) day.”

Your prospect will definitely know what you’re talking about.

3) “Anything exciting happening in [prospect name] land?”

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