Giving Feedback: Choose Words That Make You a Coach Not a Critic


Giving Feedback Choose Words That Make You a Coach Not a Critic

As Mark Deterding wrote in his recent excellent article, Mistakes Happen – 5 Steps to Lift People Up When They Make One, stuff happens. No one is perfect, yet sometimes we compound the problem by putting someone down rather than lifting them up and giving them hope for the future. Mark’s tips are great, and I’m going to add to his ideas by showing how the words we use can make such a difference in the outcomes.

“You know, Susan, we talked about the report a couple of weeks ago. What you should have done at that time was ask me any questions you had. At least you should have come to me or my associate, Fran, during the past few days if you weren’t sure. It seems to be a well-done report, but you’re late with it and I’ll have to fix that with my boss. You really should have…

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