Sales Success 101: Here’s What Separates Crazy-Successful Salespeople


Sales Success 101 Here’s What Separates Crazy-Successful Salespeople2

 by Chris Orlob

Are you trying to take your sales success to the next level, but frustrated in your path to get there?

If so, you’ve likely overlooked a simple concept:

Sales success is a chain-link system.

In a chain-link system, the performance of the whole is limited by the weakest link.

When there is a weak link, the system does NOT perform better if you improve the other links.

A military convoy is a good example of a chain-link system. It travels at the speed of its slowest vehicle.

There’s no point in improving the speed of the other vehicles if there’s a slow one holding everything up.

That slow one is the limiting factor.

Sales Success Works The Same Way.

It doesn’t come down to a single thing.

It comes down to a combination of sales skills and personal attributes.

sales success chain link

Once you’ve achieved moderate success in sales…

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