The 5 Things Salespeople Need to Build Their Personal Brand


The 5 Things Salespeople Need to Build Their Personal Brand

By: Brittni Kinney

When I launched into the wonderful and terrible experience of planning my wedding, I had one budget item I would not budge on florals. While I appreciate their beauty, the idea that I was supposed to allocate 20% (TWENTY. PERCENT.) of my budget to something that was completely perishable was baffling to me. I scoffed at the recommended percentage and proudly proclaimed to my wedding investors (aka my parents) that we would dedicate no more than 10% maximum. Get fake flowers. Pick them from the gardens at the venue, I don’t care.

When all was said and done, I ended up devoting 25% of my budget to my florist. Why? It wasn’t because I’m not good with a spreadsheet. It’s not because of the floral market here in St. Louis is monopolized. It’s because I love my florals vendor. I trust her completely. If she told me to…

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