7 Ways Transformational Leaders Keep and Attract Top Talent


7 Ways Transformational Leaders Keep and Attract Top Talent

I’ve had my fair share of corporate leaders throughout my career. In the corporate world, they were mostly conditioned to manage by fear, which was a product of the toxic company cultures that existed.

Their go-to motivational tactic was to constantly threaten people with their jobs. It’s no coincidence that the turnover rate at these companies was astronomical. A high turnover rate is costly and demoralizing to the team.

From my experience, truly great leaders are very rare. When I come across one, I try to learn as much from them as possible, so that I can incorporate their actions into my own leadership style.

Great leaders are deliberate about how their actions contribute to creating a stellar company culture. Here are seven ways that inspirational leaders motivate their teams and attract new talented employees to their organizations.

1) Be Supportive

A good manager gives his/her employees the tools they need…

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