The Bliss of Leadership is to Let the ‘Full Potential’ in Your Employees


The Bliss of Leadership is to Let the ‘Full Potential’ in Your Employees.jpeg

by Vartika Kashyap

Going through several pieces of training, struggling through challenges, advancing your education, and putting your efforts – you’re a leader now. But does this simply mean you’ll be now just delegating and presiding over meetings?

The leaders of the 21st-century must have the expertise to make the most out of every situation—get the most out of people; enable the full potential in others. No matter what, you’re now responsible to develop those potentially strong leaders under you.

I realized this lately when I noticed an employee at ProofHub asking to be given extra tasks and duties to improve the results. He worked diligently and is directed to improve his knowledge through extra tasks and responsibilities. That makes him have more potential. And it then becomes my duty to help him with his potential to grow. 

Perhaps, every employee is different. They have their beliefs and influences. The…

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