7 overused phrases to eliminate from your work emails


7 overused phrases to eliminate from your work emails

Email is a necessary evil in almost every workplace. Despite our attempts to optimize our time, it’s all too easy to spend hours mindlessly responding to and sorting out our inbox. And for those of us who struggle to leave work at the office, a quick check of our inbox on the weekend can easily become an unhealthy habit.

When we spend so much time firing off emails, we often forget the impact of our word choices. Language plays a major role in building perceptions of confidence and capability, particularly in a professional setting. Unlike texting your bestie or commenting on an Instagram post, crafting a great email is all about formal punctuation, articulate phrases and preferably no emojis.

To help you take control of your inbox, we’ve uncovered 7 commonly overused phrases that you need to ditch immediately to ensure you’re responding to your emails with authority…

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