How To Connect With Your Company’s Purpose And Values


How To Connect With Your Company's Purpose And Values

Some employees feel fully inspired by their company’s mission, vision, and values. But they don’t just mindlessly glug the Kool-Aid—they connect on a deep, genuine, emotional level with what their employer is all about and what they seek to accomplish. Those workers are becoming increasingly rare.

Most employees aren’t fully aware of—or connected with—their company’s purpose. Shockingly, the state of employee disengagement is that a staggering 61% of employees don’t even know their company’s mission statement. What’s more, of those who are familiar with their company’s mission, 57% are not motivated by it.

So it’s not surprising that many professionals question their role in the bigger picture, feeling like a cog in a wheel without a deeper connection. For many, it’s not realistic to quit their job and immediately get hired at a company whose mission and values are inspiring to them. Nor is it realistic to think that everyone can stop working for the man (or the ma’am) to pursue their greatest passion as…

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