Sales process: A roadmap to better sales performance


Sales process A roadmap to better sales performance

Post summary:

  • Salespeople don’t like following imposed routines, and who can blame them? But surprisingly, two-thirds of all sales reps don’t follow a sales process.
  • Reps that use a structured sales process outperform those that don’t. But, how do you create a standardized sales process for your organization?
  • We share 10 ways a sales process can benefit your sales team, including how it can help you improve performance, forecasting accuracy and most importantly – revenue.

There’s one thing that is true about a job in B2B sales – it’s never boring.

In fact, a lot of people choose to work in sales because they think it will give them more freedom and less structure.

And they are not wrong!

Working in sales gives you a certain degree of independence in how you go about your daily duties. As a sales rep, you need to be flexible and willing to improvise to get…

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