Are you a good leader? Answer these questions to find out.


Are you a good leader Answer these questions to find out

Leadership qualities are some of the most difficult soft skills to assess. Everyone has their own style, and “leadership” is already a pretty subjective term—it can mean everything from just having a fancy title to inspiring team members who are your equals. But even if there’s no one true definition, there are some core qualities that can help you measure your strength as a leader.

1. Do you truly value other people as humans?

Managers who see their team members as a resource, or pieces of a machine, are not among the most productive or successful leaders. If you listen to others, genuinely taking their feedback and concerns into account and understanding their basic humanity (mistakes, quirks, all the good stuff that make us human), it makes you a more empathetic leader. Active listening (without judgment) is one of the most effective leadership qualities you can have.


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