11 Tips for Effective Employee Communication


10 Tips For Effective Employee Communication

46% of employees generally never know what they are supposed to do after leaving a meeting, according to Entrepreneur. Communication can be inadequate in many aspects of the workplace.

Many businesses are heavily focused on how to best engage their external audience: customers, investors, media, analysts and community members. As a result, communication with their most important constituency, employees, often goes overlooked.

High-performing organizations make employee communications a priority. They know that an engaged workforce contributes to the company’s success. Employees become engaged when they understand the company’s fundamental principles and share in its mission, vision, and values.

11 tips for effective communication with employees.

1. Be clear and concise.

Overwriting and using technical jargon will lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Keep it simple and clearly outline expectations.

2. Set the tone at the top.

CEOs and senior leaders need to set the tone. These…

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