Overcoming objections in sales: 40+ examples, tactics, and rebuttals


Overcoming objections in sales 40+ examples, tactics, and rebuttals

by Steli Efti

Nothing defeats an inexperienced salesperson faster than an unexpected objection. Most salespeople invest hours perfecting their pitch without a second thought to what comes afterward. But even a perfect pitch can be ruined by poor objection handling.

If you’re tired of losing deals to responses like, “Your price is too high,” “Now isn’t a good time,” or, “We’ll buy if you add these features,”it’s time to get serious about overcoming objections. Instead of hoping your prospects won’t have objections (they always will), spend some time preparing for them in advance.

Use our list below to start overcoming sales objections and closing more deals, or jump down to any section that deals with the types of rebuttals you see most often.

  • What are sales objections and how can you overcome them?
  • Most common sales objections
  • The ‘Not a Good Fit’ objections
  • Sales rebuttals for the not interested
  • “Too Busy to…

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