15 Customer Service Skills & How to Improve Each One (Step-by-Step)


15 Customer Service Skills & How to Improve Each One (Step-by-Step)

Amidst day-to-day struggles, we forget great support stems not from mysterious alchemy of magnetism and magic.

Instead, it arises from a certain set of core competencies.

Behind the scenes of every experience are attainable skills that separate average or frustrating from truly exceptional customer service.

But what skills matter? And how do you take your team, business, or career to the next level? To answer those questions, let’s unearth…

15 essential customer service skills along with step-by-step instructions on how to improve each one:


1. Empathy 2. Positivity 3. Patience 4. Clarity 5. Simplicity 6. Curiosity 7. Attentiveness 8. Prioritization 9. Composure 10. Thick skin 11. Humility 12. Adaptability 13. Ownership 14. Confidence 15. Teachability

Fair warning: This article is long.

(Which is fitting for a topic so central to successful support.)

To make it easier to apply, we’ve put together one-pagers on every…

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