Top 5 Reasons Your Emails Are Going to Spam


There’s nothing worse than your email going right into the black hole of a spam folder – with no opportunity for your recipient to open it. The truth is, with the overuse of email and high-velocity sales tactics, this has required spam filters to be more unforgiving than ever.

Data shows that spam messages account for 56% of email traffic in 2019. With billions of spam emails being sent every day, the current state of email deliverability is way down.

Joel Stevenson, CEO of Yesware says - "Volume is way up, deliverability is way down, and the signal-to-noise ratio is at an all-time low"

Spam filters are now looking at what you’re writing, how you’re writing it, and how recipients are engaging with it. But these filters aren’t perfect. That means even if you’re a legitimate emailer, your email could still get misinterpreted and tossed into the void.

So, we compiled the top 5 reasons your emails are going to spam and how to avoid this.

Note: Before we begin, make sure you are familiar…

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