5 major habits of unlikeable people


5 major habits of unlikeable people

Unlikeable people are all around us—day in, day out, they plague society with their pesky displays of unlikeability. And if you don’t see these people in your daily life, that means you might very well be the person in question!Whether you’re reading this to learn about the habits of unlikeable people so you can avoid those folks or cope with them better, or if you’re reading this to work on some of your own traits and habits that are negatively impacting your associations with others, rest easy. Five easily identifiable habits of unlikeable people have been compiled below—all you have to do is read on to learn about them.


If you research “habits of unlikeable people,” few topics will come up as much as humblebragging. People hate it—so much so that there are actual Harvard-backed studies saying as much. These studies go so far as to say that normal bragging is preferable…

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