7 executives on what they notice the most on job interviews


7 executives on what they notice the most on job interviews

Let’s be honest: There’s tons of advice out there about best practices for interviews. From what you should (and shouldn’t) wear to the most strategic ways to prepare, everyone aims to perform at their highest professional level when they’re going for a gig they really want. Once you make it through the first couple of rounds, you’re often sent straight to the top, where the CEO will make or break your invitation to join the company. This can be even more nerve-racking since you hope to impress your could-be manager or boss’s boss. The most effective way to set yourself up for success — and earn that offer letter — is to take it straight from influential leaders themselves.

Here, CEOS who have interviewed hundreds to thousands of applicants shed insight on what catches their attention in an interview:

How you greet them — and leave them

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