CVC Data Speaks Volumes

CVC Data Speaks Volumes

by Tim Bingaman

Did you know that a basic web survey study, including two personalized questions, is available to you as part of your standard CVC audit?

When you indicate an interest in proceeding with a web survey study, I will send you an online survey link template that contains 30 standard questions. The highly-customizable study is designed to be promoted across multiple media platforms. You may eliminate any question that does not apply to your publication and make slight modifications to existing questions. I would suggest removing at least 15 of the template questions. We have found that the ideal study length is less than 15 questions. Simply send me the number of the questions you would like deleted.

When you indicate your interest in a study, I will also send you a list of extended sample questions from other publishers to help you decide what to ask in your market. You can then, at your convenience, email me the two local questions you would like to add to your online study. If you need more than two custom questions, they can be added and billed at $30 each.

Here are some general tips from other successful studies.

1. Run house ads. Below are sample house ads used by other publishers to drive response to their survey. We ask that your design staff create ads you feel your readers will best respond to. Weekly publications typically run the survey ad for three or four issues. Monthly publications typically run the survey ad for one or two issues. The survey link should be a prominent part of the ad. It is important that your ad be reviewed by CVC before it is published, so email it to me once your designers are finished. Then once your survey begins, you can email me regularly for a current survey response count to decide if the ad needs to run again.

You will notice that some of the publications have chosen to hold a drawing for cash or gift certificates. You do not have to do this, but I do recommend you consider it as it does sometimes increase response. If you choose to hold a drawing, the prize must be of a general nature (cash, VISA gift card, or common use general retail gift card) so as to not skew the survey results.

2. Attach a link to the study on your website. Publications with a strong website unique visitor numbers (more than 20% of their net print circulation) typically have higher respondents.

3. Promote the study on social media. Posting the study link on social media each week significantly increases response.

4. Email. If you send out email newsletters or blasts, send the survey link out to readers multiple times during the study period. This is by far the best response vehicle.

5. Signature. Add the survey link to your and your staff’s outgoing email signature.

If your publication does not have a strong website, social media, or email newsletter database, call me to discuss an alternative.


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