The 6 Negotiation Skills Everyone Should Have


The 6 Negotiation Skills Everyone Should Have

Written by Aja Frost

Whether they realize it or not, most people negotiate all the time. They negotiate with their coworkers over which projects to prioritize, their employer over salary, their friends over what restaurant they should visit, their supplier over their contract, and so on.

Knowing the six essential negotiation skills — and practicing the ones you’re weaker in — will give you a leg up in every area of your life.

(More of a visual thinker? Click here to jump to the infographic we created with presentation designers 24Slides.)

The 6 Most Important Negotiation Skills

1) Rapport-building

If you form a human connection with the other party, they’re less likely to view you as the enemy. You’ll have an easier time reaching an agreement that makes you both satisfied. They’ll also be more receptive to your initial offer.

Quick tips:

  • Show up with coffee and/or snacks to share.
  • Spend a few…

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