The Largest Sales Glossary A comprehensive glossary of sales and marketing. Do you speak business?



Sometimes it seems that sales and marketing departments speak different languages, which is one of the main reasons why almost 75% of marketing leads never convert.

That’s why aligning sales and marketing should be among your top priorities, and for that process to work properly, both teams need to be familiar with the jargon that the other one uses. Only consistent and effective communication will yield fruitful results.

But that can be a tough task given that the sales lingo is packed with mysterious acronyms and techy phrases.

This glossary has the purpose of facilitating the communication between marketing sales reps, as well as helping experienced salespeople onboard their new colleagues and showing them the ropes of the B2B  sales industry.

Finally, given that we’re witnessing the emergence of new, disruptive technologies such as AI, AR, ML, and many others, which are shaping the future of business and sales, it’s…

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