It’s an Audit Year!


by Tim Bingaman

Listed below are FREE programs that may be available to you as part of your membership.

• Multi-Media Audit – Make sure you are also reporting your websites, digital editions, social media, mobile/text media, video/blogs, events, special sections, apps, and email newsletters when filing your quarterly reports. Additional new media is constantly being incorporated in CVC audits so feel free to call to discuss your unique media reporting needs.

• Increased Exposure to Media Buyers – CVC & PaperChain has an exclusive agreement with Standard Rate & Data Service ( – the country’s largest media buying source – so CVC audited publications increase their exposure to thousands of media buyers each month. Unlike other audit companies, CVC audit reports link directly to your publication’s SRDS listing so media buyers are more likely to choose your publication when evaluating a market. Please contact Nanette Jones as SRDS to update your listings.

• Readership Survey – CVC circulation audits include a FREE multi-source web-based readership survey. This survey is designed to help publishers gather important demographic information about their readers, their purchasing plans, and how they interact with media from the publisher. The readership survey is highly customizable and can be promoted across multiple media platforms. View the template for this survey at Tim Bingaman at (314) 966-7711 to discuss your custom readership study included with your circulation audit.

• Local Audit Marketing – After every CVC audit, we release a copy of your audit report and a certification letter to ten local advertisers chosen by you from your local area. This service is tailored to immediately recoup your audit costs from potential local advertisers. Call CVC to get your audit letter and discuss additional FREE promotions.

• Unlimited Free Conference Call or Webinar Training – With each audit, CVC offers free, personalized training via webinar or conference call to prepare your advertising representatives for possible questions from clients. CVC can also analyze and share any available comparative data between your company and other media in your market. Call CVC to schedule your training webinar.


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