Sales leaders’ top challenges – and how to beat them


Sales leaders’ top challenges – and how to beat them

You were a greatsalesperson. Now you’re a goodsales leader.

Wouldn’t it be good to be great again?

Whether you’re a new sales leader or a veteran, you likely face the same struggles.

Yep, the same.

Why? Because the leadership part of the job is what keeps managers up at night. The people and process issues dig deeper and linger longer than any sales slump.

Now this will help – the eight biggest challenges sales leaders face and how to consistently stay ahead of or eliminate them.

Challenge 1: Expectations

Issue: This could be the mother of all challenges for sales leaders (any leader, for that matter). You expect salespeople to perform, behave and respond in certain ways. Same goes for colleagues and the C-Suite: You expect one thing – and are disappointed or frustrated when expectations aren’t met.

The problems usually arise…

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