Top Sales Statistics & Takeaways to Sell Smarter in 2020


The best thing you can do in sales is to look back, reflect, and learn. What are your key takeaways from 2019?

We all have our own takeaways. But another great aspect to reflect on is common themes from the sales industry that reveal buyer behaviors and best practices. We can thank various studies for that inside look.

Let’s review some key sales statistics found through studies in 2019 and reflect on the takeaways and how you can use these findings to better your sales strategy in 2020.

1. Budget is the most common reason that stronger sales opportunities fall apart

Source: Marc Wayshak

Takeaway: A fundamental element of your sales process is building value from the get-go so this problem doesn’t arise. The key takeaway is to be stronger right off the bat by emphasizing the value of your solution upfront – the price is all about perceived…

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