How to Follow a Sales Call Script without Sounding Scripted


How to Follow a Sales Call Script without Sounding Scripted

Prospects can tell when you use a sales call script. By now, they must be pros at identifying such communications coming their way. When it sounds like narration rather than a conversation, you make your prospects feel like mere names on a list. They likely roll their eyes and move on with their day after brushing you off. It could be a polite brush-off, such as “email me the information,” or an abrupt hang-up. Not good news for the cold callers!

Does this mean you need to do away with scripts altogether and rely on spontaneity alone? Certainly not.

Not every sales rep is a rock star who can spontaneously carry out crisp and meaningful conversations with strangers. However, even rock star reps need a script at some level. Seasoned salespeople may not be as dependent on a script as new reps, but they use scripts to organize…

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