9 Post-Pitch Follow Up Mistakes Keeping You From the Close


9 Post-Pitch Follow Up Mistakes Keeping You From the Close

Written by Meg Prater

Minus actually closing the deal, is there anything better than those first few moments after a killer pitch? You found a perfect-fit prospect, ran a solid discovery call, and customized the presentation to meet their exact needs.

The post-presentation rush is almost unmatched. How could they possibly walk away after that? But then … silence. You’re checking your email every two minutes, you’re leaving a voicemail every hour on the hour, and you’re trying to explain to your manager why they haven’t closed. It’s the cold shoulder after a blissful first date.

Everyone in sales has felt this pain at some time or another. It’s tough. So here’s a list of nine deadly follow-up mistakes to avoid after a pitch. Think of this as your wingman, guiding you away from doing or saying something you’ll regret and losing a chance to win that account for good.


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