Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? For Inside Sales it’s Do Ask, Then Tell!


HEADER Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell For Inside Sales it’s Do Ask, Then Tell

The Sales line rings and the young inside sales rep is eager to answer and talk with a potential new customer.

The prospect shares that she was just doing some research on the website and wanted to know more about your company’s services and how you differ from your competitors.

The confident young sales rep boldly jumps headstrong into his sales pitch. He leads with the company background, name drops some of their prestigious customers, talks about value proposition and total cost of ownership. He also shares that his company really doesn’t have competitors because the others in the market lack compelling functionality and offer poor customer service.

He closes the call by providing the anonymous caller with his direct number and looks forward to hearing back from her. The sales rep is feeling pretty good. After all, this is the spiel that he has overheard the other senior…

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