Ultimate cold calling cheat sheet: A checklist that’ll boost sales


Ultimate cold calling cheat sheet A checklist that’ll boost sales

Cold calling doesn’t have to suck.

Salespeople who practice, embrace and win at cold calling will agree: It pays off.

The best part: You don’t have to repeatedly crash and burn while cold calling to learn how to make it work.

Instead, use this cheat sheet that includes the most-effective cold calling techniques – some gathered from research, some pulled from industry experts, and some found by hardcore salespeople who tried and tried until they perfected them.

To increase your prospecting success, here’s your ultimate cold calling cheat sheet and it can also be used as a checklist:

Plan your approach

Your call may be made cold, but your approach shouldn’t be. To plan your call well and make it feel warm:

Know your purpose – and work exclusively toward it. It could be to set up a meeting, get an invitation accepted, gain agreement to a trial or find…

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