70 Interview Questions You Can Ask When Hiring Sales Managers


70 Interview Questions You Can Ask When Hiring Sales Managers

by Talentsorter Staff

Recruiting and hiring salespeople can be difficult.

Hiring people to lead your sales team can even be more challenging.

You need someone who is a great salesperson, but also a people person who can manage and build successful sales teams.

Getting all those qualities in a single sales manager isn’t going to be easy.

To help, we’ve got a couple things for you.

First, is TalentSorter, our employment assessment tool that helps you hire for “fit first”:

  • Fit with job
  • Fit with manager
  • Fit with organization
  • Fit with customers and co-workers

It will help you test and assess potential sales manager candidates for the qualities necessary to be successful in the role of your company.

This interview guide is different for each candidate you interview and gives you custom questions designed to address the candidate’s weaknesses and focus the conversation on what matters most.

Lastly, we’ve put together a…

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