Inside Sales Reps: Be Useful, Not Forceful to Close the Deal


Inside Sales Reps Be Useful, Not Forceful to Close the Deal

Who wants to buy from pushy inside sales reps? Most people would rather purchase a product or service from someone who answers their questions and gives them space to think it over: a helpful, informative individual who tells you all their specials and deals, but doesn’t try to force you into a sale.

The classic hard-sell usually doesn’t work in today’s economy. On the contrary, it can lead to dissatisfaction on the buyer’s end, and drive away possible customers. Today’s decision makers have time to educate themselves before a purchase.

Your prospects don’t want to hear comments like, “If you don’t buy now, the offer is off the table.” This makes the customer put their guard up. Instead, keep the line of conversation open so both parties understand the decision-making process and what you, as an inside sales professional, can do to move the deal along. You want…

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