Sales Hacker Recommends: 98 Best Sales Books for Peak Performance (2020 Update)



As a lifelong learner, I turn to books whenever I want to expand my thinking or improve my performance. And for leveling up your sales skills, nothing beats a good sales book.

So what are the best sales books for helping you reach peak performance?

I’ve pulled together the top books from a range of sales disciplines to give you the information you need to stay relevant, lead conversations, understand the trends — and of course, improve your game.

This list is not endorsed or sponsored in any way.

Books that made the cut:

  • Are on my own bookshelf
  • Have been recommended by sales professionals
  • Are being talked about within the community and mentioned by experts
  • Our recently published books that aren’t being talked about yet, but likely will be

Here’s how you can find the sales books that are most relevant to you.

I’ve categorized…

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