Truth behind 12 big (and very believable) sales myths


Truth behind 12 big (and very believable) sales myths

Cold calling is useless. Social selling is the only way. The more leads, the better. Buyers know everything.


Chalk those claims up to some of worst myths in sales.

They may seem true at times – especially when no one answers your cold calls or buyers say they know all about you.

But research and experience prove the biggest and most believable sales myths wrong.

Here are 12 myths and the research that debunks them:

1. Cold calling is dead

Myth:Cold calling gets you nowhere fast.

Truth: Cold calling is more effective than cold emailing. Salespeople using the phone to reach out converted 8.21% of the time, while salespeople who used email to reach out converted just .03%, according to a study.

2. Buyers don’t take meetings

Myth: Even if prospects take calls or open email, they don’t agree to meetings from cold calls.


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