Buyer Personas: One Method Doesn’t Fit All



by Aaron Agius

In July 2017, I wrote Hacking Your Buyer Personas: The Only 3 Questions You Need to Ask. In it, I shared a stat from IBM’s THINK Marketing blog – “63% of consumers say they would think more positively about a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting, or relevant.” I think that thinking still stands strong.

Persona-based marketing is key to success in many industries.

What was most interesting about that 2017 post were the comments.

I still believe the original article is valid and useful, but it isn’t appropriate for all audiences or situations. One size does not fit all.

Original hack for buyer personas

In the original article, the goal was to provide a way for businesses to glean customer insight without having multiple people answering 150 questions. I proposed three simple questions to ask when hacking a buyer persona.

  • What is the first…

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