Inside Sales Techniques: 9 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Cold Calling


Image for Inside Sales Techniques: 9 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Cold Calling

Many sales professionals have felt intimated at one time or another when it comes to cold calling. Sales representatives dealing with sales call reluctance are often stressed and frustrated as they struggle to hit their quotas while dealing with this very real fear. Fear of cold calling is a real problem, but there are inside sales techniques to help salespeople overcome call reluctance.

In today’s post, we’ll cover common causes of call reluctance and review inside sales techniques to overcome your fear of cold calling.

Causes of Cold Call Reluctance

Cold Call ReluctanceThe distaste for cold calling can stem from being unprepared and/or inexperienced. Merely providing a cold calling script to your reps isn’t enough. They should frequently practice their sales pitch to boost their confidence.

Company culture can also cause cold call reluctance. Many businesses, whether consciously or not, shame salespeople with the notion that they’re akin to sleazy car salesmen…

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