7 qualities top closers can all say they have


7 qualities top closers can all say they have

Even though it’s impossible to replicate what makes a top salesperson perform at such a high level, there are traits many superstars share that other salespeople can use to close more sales.

Here are seven qualities successful closers have in common that other sales professionals can benefit from developing:

  1. A desire to build relationships. Because today’s salesperson is viewed as a partner, A-players are always looking for new ways to build customer relationships. Following up with an email containing industry info or periodically sharing a tip that benefits the buyer’s company helps solidify the partnership. As the relationship evolves, salespeople want to be viewed as more of a resource or consultant. If the customer comes to trust your judgment, maintaining the relationship can be much easier.
  2. A focus on customer needs. The difference between convincing a prospect to buy and convincing him or her to buy now can…

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