Business communications key during coronavirus


Business communications key during coronavirus
by Mike Driehorst

While the true impact of the coronavirus pandemic is still pending, brands across all markets are affected and looking to answer: OK, what do I do now?

“Business leaders often think of disruption being initiated by a competitor or new entrant to their market. The coronavirus pandemic proves there are other sources of disruption,” said Dave Coffaro, principal at Strategic Advisory Consulting Group.

In any upheaval, getting your company’s communications in order is vital.

Internal audiences

A good first step is looking at your internal communications, Coffaro says, especially as many companies move to remote workforces and have changes in operations.

Coffaro is talking with his clients about the importance of internal communications since employees are their “face” to customers. He puts employee communications into three categories with specific messaging around certain topics.

  1. Coronavirus-specific messaging — Focus on status, impact to our business, employees, customers, communities.
  2. Current business-as-usual…

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