Fix These Big Inefficiencies in Your Content Pipeline


Fix These Big Inefficiencies in Your Content Pipeline

Creating and distributing content might sound simple — unless you’ve done it.

Even with a detailed content production workflow, the multi-layered, multi-step process can overload and overwhelm the content marketing team. And that can lead to content marketing waste, which means you’re not going to see the best return on your investment.

Where does waste happen?

Let’s explore these five inefficiencies and the fixes that can help your content marketing team be more effective and boost your content marketing ROI.

Inefficiency No. 1: Writing for multiple personas

Audiences aren’t monolithic. Your target persona may capture most of the people who would buy from your company, but it doesn’t represent everyone. Get to know your wider audience, but don’t aim to create content variations for every audience segment you identify.

Multiple iterations of the same content confuse readers and waste time. “(Wide-reaching personas) seem like a good idea since who wouldn’t want…

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