5 reasons you’re not being remembered after an interview


5 reasons you’re not being remembered after an interview

You’re dressed for success, you’re qualified for the position, you have your experience and education histories mastered and you’ve shook the interviewer’s hand with gusto, so why aren’t you being called back? We’ve asked employment experts and other professionals about why you could be being passed up for a call-back.

You’re not enthusiastic enough about the position

Being qualified is key but showing your charisma for the position is just as important. “The number one reason I don’t choose to move forward with someone after an interview is this: they didn’t seem excited about working with us,” says Yaniv Masjedi, chief marketing officer at Nextiva. “It’s obvious to me if someone is excited about working specifically for our company versus just looking for any job they can get,” Masjedi says no matter how good their skills are, that’s just part of the equation for success. “I can’t…

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