What is Digital Marketing?


By Kathryn Aragon

For those of us living and breathing the digital marketing world, we’ve known for a long time how effective digital marketing can be. You will get results that you just can’t get anymore from traditional marketing tactics.

Digital marketing is just marketing…

But if you’ve never used digital marketing, it can seem like you are taking a massive step into unknown territory. There are lots of confusing new tactics, people keep talking in acronyms, and funnels seem very important.

You should know upfront. You are taking a massive step in the direction of business success.

Print ads, radio spots, and direct mail may sound sexy, but with today’s connected consumer, these tactics don’t make much of an impact on traffic numbers, sales volume, or order values.

That’s why successful businesses rely on digital marketing.

So I’m here to tell you what digital marketing is, how it’s…

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